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Teen Mom Mentoring Program

This one-on-one mentor program supports the educational, life, career and parenting goals of teen mothers in Palm Beach County. Volunteer mentors are matched with pregnant or parenting teens in high schools to provide guidance, inspiration and real life experience in a trusting environment, with the goal of empowering these young women to stay in school, develop post-secondary education goals and become independent, self-sufficient mothers. 

Mentors for the program are mothers themselves who have experience in the workforce and can provide support and guidance about issues that the teens are facing every day. Volunteers commit to mentoring a teen mother once a week for approximately one hour during their school lunch period. 

The program is accredited by the National Quality Mentoring System by MENTOR, the national mentoring partnership. This badge is an evidence-based acknowledgment of the safety and efficacy of the Caps and Cribs program and assures mentees, funders and policymakers that the program meets national quality standards and procedures for the operation of a mentoring program. Caps and Cribs is one of only six nonprofit programs in Florida to earn the accreditation.

To Become a Mentor or a Mentee

We appreciate your interest in our Caps & Cribs program. Please take the first steps and fill out this simple online application, we will be in touch once complete with further information, Thank You!

Online Mentor Application

Online Mentee Application (for pregnant or parenting teens currently enrolled in Palm Beach County High Schools)

Thank You

Caps & Cribs Teen Mom Mentor Program is made possible with funding from the Jim Moran Foundation, Town of Palm Beach United Way and United Way of Palm Beach County. 

For more information, call 561-843-6964
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