Prenatal Care Coordination

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies is the Prenatal Entry Agency for the Children’s Services Council Healthy Beginnings Program. Prenatal Care Coordination is responsible for screening and assessing all pregnant women in Palm Beach County to determine what services women are eligible for utilizing. The program also strives to successfully link all pregnant women with a permanent medical payment source and medical home in order to access prenatal care during their pregnancy.

The program works in conjunction with community organizations to assure services are available throughout Palm Beach County.  The screening and assessments occur at convenient locations for families.  Based on the assessments, the families are referred to programs that will assist them with a variety of support, education and health information.

In order In order to assure families have access to a medical home and payor sources, the program assists with linkages to those services. The local health and eligibility systems are often overwhelming and difficult to navigate, making it a challenge for pregnant women to apply without help and support. Those who try to navigate the system independently may find themselves being denied for lacking documentation which delays acceptance and often puts moms well into the second trimester of their pregnancy. The program also provides external referrals to a variety of resources in the community such as WIC, breastfeeding classes, childbirth classes, financial assistance and basic needs

If you are pregnant and need help finding a medical provider, medical payment source or other social services, please call us at 1-888-414-4642 or email us