CenteringPregnancy ®

Group Prenatal Care and Support

CenteringPregnancy® is an evidence based model of patient-centered prenatal care in a group setting. Published studies show that Centering moms have healthier babies, are actively engaged in their own healthcare, better prepared for labor/delivery and that Centering nearly eliminates racial disparities in preterm birth. As the only provider of CenteringPregnancy® in Palm Beach County since 2008, the program focuses on three major components of prenatal care: health assessment, education and social support. 

Centering appointments include:

  • Your prenatal care check-up

  • More time with your provider.

  • Appointments with no waiting time.

  • Learn about nutrition, breastfeeding, childbirth, baby care and much more.

  • Health snacks at each appointment.

  • Dads or support partners are welcome.

  • Relationship building with other pregnant moms due the same month as you!

Groups of 8 to 12 women with similar gestational ages meet throughout their pregnancy in a personal atmosphere designed for learning and sharing – one that is impossible to replicate in a standard medical setting. The women spend part of their prenatal session individually with the medical provider, tracking their baby’s heartbeat and measuring growth. During this time, clients initiate and track self-care activities and document weight and blood pressure, then gather with one another to build upon their group relationship. Women, and their support partners, participate in ten Centering sessions while in the program, thus taking the place of traditional prenatal care in an office setting. 

CenteringPregnancy® is accredited by the Centering Healthcare Institute and is one of twelve Centering programs in the State of Florida. 

Thank You

HMHB operates two of eight Centering® programs in the State of Florida, is one of only three accredited Centering sites statewide and has been the sole licensed provider of CenteringPregnancy® in Palm Beach County since 2008.  Our program is made possible with funding from The Batchelor Foundation, Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County, Cigna Foundation, Florida Blue Foundation, Health Care District of Palm Beach County and Quantum Foundation.

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