Third Trimester

Nearing the Finish Line
3rd Trimester: Weeks 28 through 40

During months seven through nine, prepare to have lots of symptoms as you enter the homestretch. Treat your body and mind to the right kind of care before you have your baby. And while you wait, start deciding on that baby name!

Your Body:
  • You gain weight faster the last month.
  • Your feet, hands and ankles may swell. You may have back and leg pains.
  • As the baby’s head moves lower, you may feel more pressure on your bladder, but less near your ribs allowing you to breathe easier.
  • Your uterus lowers as the baby drops toward the birth canal. You may feel pressure low in your pelvis as the baby settles into position for birth.
  • The Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent.
  • Call your doctor if you have four or more contractions in one hour.
  • You should see your doctor  about every two weeks during this time and then have weekly visits during the last month of pregnancy.
Your Baby:
  • Your baby will continue to grow from the size of an eggplant to the size of a small pumpkin.
  • The brain and nervous system are growing quickly. The lungs continue to mature.
  • Your baby’s sense of hearing is improving and can hear the sound of your voice.
  • The baby may settle into a head down position and may seem quieter because there is less space to move.
  • March of Dimes has proven that your baby will be considered full term at 39-weeks.