Teens & Pregnancy

Did you know:

  • 3 in 10 teen girls will get pregnant before age 20
  • More than half of teen moms drop out of high school, less than 2% graduate college
  • 8 in 10 teen dads don’t marry their baby’s mother
  • 50% of teens hadn’t considered how pregnancy would affect their lives before they got pregnant

Being a teen can be stressful and adding pregnancy into the mix makes life extra complicated. You learn about teen pregnancy and sexual responsibility in school, from your parents, and on tv --- and you learn that it’s not a good idea to get pregnant before you’re ready.

 As a teen, it’s important to have a plan. Are you ready to have sex or are you going to wait? If you choose to have sex, do you know how to do it safely? Here are some things to consider:

  • You can delay sex until you’re older, this is called abstinence. Not having sex is the only 100% effective method of preventing pregnancy and STIs or STDs.
  • If you choose to have sex, you need to look at your options for protection – protection from pregnancy, STDs and STIs. Check out our PREVENTION page to see all of your options.

You are the only person that can decided whether you are ready to have sex or not. But once you do decide for yourself, it’s important to talk about it with your partner. Knowing the facts and being sure of your decision will make the conversation easier and less uncomfortable. You can even talk it over with a friend, parent, or doctor first. 

If you’re already a teen parent it’s also important to have a plan. You are traveling down a difficult and scary road. Just remember that you’re not alone. Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies offers a variety of services to help. If we can’t help you, then we’ll try to get you in touch with someone who can.