True or False? There are hundreds of false claims about how NOT to get pregnant. Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies wants to educate teens on the common myths associated with teen pregnancy and sexual activity. Check out these unbelievable did you score?

Everyone’s doing it
Actually, less than half of high school students have had sex, 48% to be exact.  You can’t believe everything that everyone tells you. Some people may talk about sex, but that doesn’t mean that they’re having sex.

It’s not cool to wait til you’re older to have sex
Waiting to have sex is one of the smartest things you can do. If you wait, you’re 100% safe from pregnancy and STDs. Anyway, most teens that have had sex say that they wish that they waited.

If you love someone, you should have sex with them
This couldn’t be farther from the truth. If a person loves you then they will respect your decision to wait. Sex tends to complicate relationships. If the relationship ends, then you will feel even more hurt. In fact, 8 out of 10 first time teen sexual relationships last 6 months or less and 25% are one-time occurrences. That’s not exactly the happily ever after you had in mind.

You can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex
FALSE! It does not matter how many times you’ve had sex, you can get pregnant. A girl gets pregnant when a guy’s sperm fertilizes her egg. The sperm and egg don’t care how many times you’ve had sex before. The only certain way to not get pregnant is by not having sex.

A girl can’t get pregnant when she’s on her period
This is a very common misconception. A girl can in fact get pregnant if she has sex while she’s on her period. The sperm released during sex lives in the vagina for several days. When her period is done and she ovulates then the sperm can fertilize the egg resulting in pregnancy.

Girls: “If I ___(fill in the blank)____  then I won’t get pregnant.”
  • Douche - False. Douching with water, soapy water, soda pop, or anything else will NOT prevent you from getting pregnant. Sperm are swimmers and they travel up into the cervix where the douche can’t get to them. Douching is not effective for preventing pregnancy.  
  • Push hard on my stomach after sex - False. Pushing on any body part after sex won’t make any difference whether you get pregnant or not. It will probably just hurt you. Your eggs and the sperm released during sex are microscopic and protected by your reproductive organs. Pushing on or hitting your stomach will NOT prevent you from getting pregnant.
  • Jump up and down after sex - False. Sounds like a lot of work for nothing. There is nothing you can jump on for any amount of time that will prevent you from getting pregnant.
  • Have sex in the water - False.  Having sex and making waves in a pool, bath tub, hot tub, ocean, or any other water will not prevent you from getting pregnant. In fact, water will get pushed into your vagina and can cause irritation or infections.
  • Have sex standing up or girl-on-top style - False. The position that you get-it-on in has no affect on your chances of getting pregnant. Upside down, standing up, laying down, in a car, in a bed – it doesn’t matter how you do it, you can get pregnant.
  • Don’t have an orgasm - False. An orgasm is the physical and emotional sensation felt at the peak of a sexual experience. For a man, this is the point of ejaculation. For a woman, it is nothing more than a feeling. Having or not having an orgasm does not affect your chances of getting pregnant.
  • My partner pulls out before he ejaculates - False. This method of preventing pregnancy is not effective. Before a guy has an orgasm and ejaculates he produces pre-ejaculatory fluid (aka pre-cum). This fluid contains sperm that can fertilize the egg and cause pregnancy. 

There is no 100% effective form of birth control.
Abstinence, or waiting to have sex, is the only 100% effective protection from pregnancy and STDs. If you are not having sex then you cannot get pregnant.

Condoms can be reused.
Absolutely not! Condoms are only good for one use. Once you remove a condom from its wrapper you need to use it or lose it. After using a condom it should be thrown away immediately.

When you don’t have a condom, you can use plastic wrap.
Plastic wrap, baggies, etc are fine to use in the kitchen but never as a replacement for a condom. Condoms are specifically made to have a secure fit and are made from material that keeps the seminal fluid from getting into the vagina. Plastic wrap is made to cover your food. It doesn’t work for preventing pregnancy or STDs.

Birth control pills are effective as soon as you start taking them.
Birth control pills are a series of hormones that must be taken consistently over a full menstrual cycle (or one month) to be effective. The hormones need time to build up in your body to be effective. It’s also important to take the pill at the same time every single day and not skip days. If you just started taking the pill, then you can still get pregnant. You should use a back-up birth control like a condom. Click here to see all of your pregnancy prevention options.