Our History

In 1985, 900 pregnant women in Palm Beach County with little or no prenatal care walked in to local hospitals to deliver their babies, precipitating an increase in the county's low birth weight babies, infant mortality, medical complications and children with disabilities. As a result, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies was established in 1986 by Founders Carl Brumback, MD, Marsha J. Fishbane, MD and David W. Martin, MD.

Today, more than 3,500 women in our community are receiving little or no prenatal care and delivering babies who are at a much higher risk of low birth weight, prematurity and infant mortality. It is our mission to transform the health outcome of newborn babies through care and education for these pregnant women. Currently led by Board Chair and Founder, Marsha J. Fishbane, MD, HMHB continues to improve birth outcomes, promote healthy families and build healthy communities by providing access to prenatal care for underserved and uninsured pregnant women and education on pregnancy issues.

The life expectancy of our community’s newborn babies begins with mom and our goal at HMHB is to provide needed services to them so that their babies are born healthy, safe and strong.